Artificial Intelligence Applications to Boost Productivity in Daily Life

Artificial Intelligence Applications to Boost Productivity in Daily Life


Artificial intelligence and its numerous sub-domains are used more and more frequently by businesses and industries of various sectors to aid in repetitive tasks. However, both startups and established IT companies have developed an excellent understanding of the relevance of AI in order to make everyone’s life easier. Machine learning and natural language processing techniques are used more frequently in our lives than we suspect.

Essential Tools That Will Change Technology in 2024

AI has already transformed a lot of what people do every day. Those who are knowledgeable in this industry, on the other hand, do not advocate using AI as a replacement for people entirely. However, AI will likely replace people in many professions and activities. It simply means that you should take advantage of the potential of AI and use it to complete more of your regular assignments. For virtually every undertaking, there are numerous AI tools available, ranging from content generators and image and video editing tools to many more. You can learn about the trending tools in different sectors here and which one is better to use in which field.

AI tools enliven the increasing productivity of people by automating rote tasks and freeing up workers’ time for the greater part of creative ones. It enables the simplification of tough tasks and aids in saving the time and energy of an employee so that they can divert their attention to creative thinking and thus better results. Now, we are going to look at the usage of AI.


It is a writing tool that produces many kinds of well written content. Combining the strengths of natural language processing and machine learning, it fulfills its promise by providing quality social media content, advertisement copy, and product descriptions. It also offers pre-made writing templates, grammatical fixes, and innovative ideas. 

2. Jasper

It is an AI that recognizes voice commands and responds to them. Jasper is capable of doing a lot of things, such creating reminders, sending out information, and scheduling meetings. It accurately listens to you by using NLP. To help you save even more time, it has the option to integrate with devices and apps. 

3. Surfer

It is the SEO tool that makes it possible to apply AI to obtain data-driven insights and suggestions for raising website ranks. To generate material that is optimized for search engines, it examines a variety of elements, including headers, text length, and keyword usage. It is the ideal tool for boosting content strategy, increasing organic traffic and website visibility. Another important AI tool for title and meta tag optimization is Surfer. 

4. WriteSonic

It’s a tool for creating content for social networking, blogs, and email marketing. Using prompts and preferences as a guide, it generates original, captivating, attention-grabbing, and convincing content. With the ability to change writing styles and tones, it can be tailored to certain companies and target markets. 

5. Scalenut

In order to improve the content strategy, Scalenut creates content ideas and maximizes content performance using data-driven insights. It provides the hot and pertinent themes that are essential for content development by concentrating on search trends, competitor analysis, and social media signals. It can also advise optimization through article length adjustments, SEO enhancements, and keyword suggestions. 

6. Grammarly

It is AI-powered grammar editor that makes it easy to refine writing style, spelling, grammar, as well as punctuation. Promptness, the forms of language, clarity, and appeal are also taken into account, as well as the lightning recommendations with instant gestures for contextual spelling and spelling mistakes, style and form adjustments and grammar errors.

7. Wordtune

It improves the writing quality mainly by offering substitute terms as recommendations to satisfy the requirements of coherence, impact, and clarity. With NLP, it examines the text’s context and intent to deliver superior outcomes. Additionally, it helps with vocabulary improvement, writing flow, and effective reader communication. 

8. Quillbot

It is an important tool for paraphrasing and reworking sentences without changing their meaning. It might help you comprehend the difficult content and compose the sentence on your own. It offers substitute sentences for more sophisticated coherence in addition to several original and varied recommendations, which diversifies the text.


Personalized and distinctive artwork is provided according to the tastes and styles of the users. By offering personalized outcomes together with distinctive artistic expression, it conveys almost all artistic thoughts. Your orders can be translated into abstract designs, landscapes, portraits, and more.

10. Stable Diffusion

This artificial intelligence method creates and modifies the image without sacrificing quality. By adding noise to the original image, it gradually produces more realistic and improved visuals. The end products are logical and aesthetically pleasing pictures with realistic-looking textures, intricate features, and appearance.

11. DALL·E 2

The more sophisticated and specialized version of picture generation from textual description is called DALL·E 2. It uses generative modeling and natural language processing (NLP) to comprehend text cues and produce visually realistic, cohesive visuals.

12. Canva Pro

Canva Pro is a comprehensive design tool that offers features beyond just creating images. It is the source of graphics, templates, and design components that users can alter and customize to create even more diverse looks. Because of the interface’s ease of use, users can now take advantage of its business features to produce presentations, social media postings, professional-looking photos, and much more. 

13. Fliki

At Fliki, you can create movies from blog posts or scripts in under two minutes, or you may use AI voices to convert text into videos. High quality meets fast. It features millions of photos, background music or video clips, many brand color and font options, and over 1000 voices in 75 different languages.

14. Synthesia

With its ability to generate reality-based avatars that can talk, feel emotions, and engage with the viewer, Synthesia is a company that specializes in producing realistic and customisable films. It can be altered to suit the tastes of the user. Synthesia accepts input in a single language and outputs videos in multiple languages. Avatars’ gestures and facial expressions can also be controlled by it. With the ability to customize tones and styles, it produces natural-sounding voices that are realistic and based on input text or script. 

15. Pencil

The platform facilitates the creation of e-commerce advertisements using pre-existing assets, brands, and ad account information. Users can create ready-to-run static and video ad creatives and customize their formatting for various channels. By only requiring the input of brand assets—such as color hex codes, logo files, fonts, brand profiles, and target customers—the process is made simpler. By identifying the project’s objectives, metrics, targets, purpose, and brand assets, they may produce customized advertisements for particular items. 


NLP-based technology generates over 570 voices, irrespective of gender, and human voice and tone are widely used in both personal and professional contexts. It is inexpensive to use and features an easy-to-use interface without the need for any additional hardware or software. Complete commercial and broadcasting rights are included. Users have the ability to alter voice tones, modify pronunciations and pauses, convey emotion through speech, download, preview, and edit recordings many times. In addition, it provides analytics, javascript recognition, bulk audio generation, podcast hosting, and audio widgets. 

17. Otter

Otter offers playback control so that meetings can be replayed with text and audio in sync. While adjusting the playing speed, users can change the time codes, speakers, and text. It is also possible to integrate with popular meeting apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and others. Speaker names can be identified, admin controls like user management and reporting may be used, centralized invoicing is possible, and sharing via groups and links is possible. 

18. Pro Rank Tracker

It is the best solution for managing applications, benchmarking, tracking keyword ranks, importing and exporting data, creating dashboards, visualizing data, doing competitive analyses, and integrating with other applications. The app gains from content monitoring by producing multilingual, location-based, captioned, and analytics-based content. Real-time data, alerts and updates, reports, and statistics support a variety of tasks, including user administration, trends and websites, scheduled and automatic reports, SEO management, and visual analysis. 

19. Bing Chat

Microsoft launched Bing Chat, which uses natural language processing (NLP) to facilitate advanced conversations. Users can ask questions concerning its language models and knowledge base. Citations and source links are also beneficial for adding legitimacy and validation. Not only does it foster creativity but it also offers creative ideas and direction while composing poetry, novels, and songs. Using the example platform, the image maker tool turns text into visuals by creating posters, illustrations, and graphics. It can also be integrated with Bing’s search and offers personalized recommendations and multilingual communication.

20. Bard AI

It is a Google product that accepts voice inputs and generates multiple drafts for selection. It can write code in over 20 languages, debug, make games, and even build websites. It also provides current information because it is not restricted to knowledge from a specific year. It can summarise webpages and websites, and exporting discussions from Bard AI to Google Docs or Gmail is a simple way to facilitate sharing and cooperation. Helping with email writing is quite popular with users. 

21. ChatGPT

With its easy-to-use interface and pre-trained NLP mode, ChatGPT is one of the most popular AI products. It is an interactive tool, nevertheless, providing information only up to 2021 for all searches. It is capable of substantial text comprehension, learning, and development, as well as receiving suggestions and admitting faults. Even if chatGPT’s free version is still not entirely reliable, it is nevertheless useful for a lot of things, like writing, education, test-taking, interviews, and much more. 

22. CodeWP

It is an AI code generating tool designed and trained for WordPress exclusively. It features several plugins, such as WooCommerce, JS, and PHP. It can generate codes with over 12 models and a variety of sharing options, and it can take prompts in over 11 languages. It facilitates the efficient creation of WP_Queries, functions, filters, and actions, as well as the development of intricate workflows based on ACF values. It functions as a mentor and is as effective as possible when combined with code instructions. 

23. Zest Al

It’s an AI that helps you make connected decisions and is focused on finance. It can locate credit-score-ignored good debtors, boosting revenue for the business. It provides risk management tools to quickly stop losses by reducing charge-offs or defaults with continuous approvals, both of which are supported by evidence. It promotes quicker and more receptive lending, which boosts company expansion. 

24. AIVA

AIVA (AI-driven technology) is a virtual artist who with the use of Artificial Intelligence creates emphatic soundtracks to be included in films, video games, TV series, and for adverts. By analyzing music theory structures and AI’s use of a distinguished library of classical and modern music, AIVA produces unprecedented unique compositions through which AI’s latent innovation in the creative industries can be seen.


To sum up, massive AI integration is day in day out one of the most important factors that fostered productivity in the many areas. Way from streamlining businesses to reducing personal duties, AI technology advances the whole way of our life and work. This is made possible through the use of machine learning and natural language processing, and therefore, every menial job is mimicked and automated to create an ample amount of time for more innovative jobs. With AI being capable of doing so many tasks, what we are actually looking at is humans augmenting, not replacing, humans. This is a way to the new wave of us gaining efficiency and innovative ways of doing our everyday activities. If you are looking for high quality web or app development services feel free to drop us a message