Our Development Process

Our workflow process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your requirements and business goals to create a customized plan.


Requirements & Objectives

A fair amount of time is spent on this stage as this is very crucial to the outcome of the project. We gather informations such as: what the website/application is about, how to engage your customers and what are your business goals, etc. This helps us understand your business goals and how the application should be designed.

Wireframes & UX

Structural layouts and mind-maps are laid out at this stage in order to kick-start the creative process. The blueprint is created as such that it will be the foundation of the website/application. The application user-flow and conditional logics are transformed into a well sketched-out document.



In the UI stage, the wireframes come into visually appealing layouts representing how exactly the website/app will look like once implemented. We go through important aspects such as overall color schemes and Icon designs applied onto the wireframes.


The application is coded using modern up to date web technologies with a balance in both best functionality and appealing user interface.


Quality Assurance

Our QA team performs a set of tests to find any visual or functional bugs to be fixed before launch. Moreover writing unit and automated tests to push the performance boundaries.


The application is handed over to our clients to perform User acceptance test. This allows you to test the Website/Mobile App as an end-user and report any issues or bugs for us to fix.



All necessary integrations, servers are setup and the project is launched. Post-launch tests and server load tests are done and monitored to make sure the application is capable of handling live traffic.


We offer frequent maintenance support to keep your applications up to date and secure.