5 benefits to have a website for your business in Hong Kong


5 benefits to have a website for your business in Hong Kong


In today’s fast paced world, especially in Hong Kong, people want to get things done in their fingertips. People would like to get access to information online all the time. If you’re not having a website for your business yet, here are the benefits of having one:

1. Information of your business is available 24/7.

Having a website allows your customers to make decisions whether to use your service or not at anytime that is convenient for them through access to your product and services details on your website. Let’s say they heard about your product through a friend. They won’t make a phone call while they are at work but can look up your website for more details. If a customer’s question can be answered through your website than over phone, this is a valuable asset to the marketing of your business.

2. Your website is easily updated

In contrast to printed leaflets, your website can be changed in a minute if needed. Advertising videos an expensive means of advertisement and promotion when comparing to an attractive website. In addition, you can embed a video on your website, and printing leaflets can be made available for quick download if necessary.

3. Build credibility

If people consider buying your product, the first thing they want to know is your company’s credibility. If your prospect customers can’t find your company online, you may be missing out a deal. When you have a website, it can help you showcase your work, link with social media accounts for connecting with your customers, and expanding your reach with credibility.

4. More customers through search engine

If your prospect customers have not used your products or services and is making a Google search of it, it is more likely that you are spotted among you competitors if you have a website. Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your website can have a higher search ranking- creating a wider region of customer base.

5. Analyse customer’s interest

Having a website can help you keep track of your business performance in real time with the use of analytic tool. It shows the number of visitors to your website; the pages mostly being viewed; and the average amount of time they spend on your website. These analytics help you know what your customers are looking and you can fine-tune accordingly.

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